Comparing both residential and commercial property Mohali

No matter whether it is residential and commercial property Mohali, you can always have bright investment opportunities in a city like Mohali. It is a neighbor of city beautiful, Chandigarh and is a house for numerous IT and manufacturing companies. Mohali is now a district and around 16 areas are covered under this district including Kurali, Kharar and Morinda. These three areas came under Mohali after its transformation into a district in the year 2007. Mohali is well known for housing both commercial and residential properties among numerous people throughout the world. It has given several opportunities to people from all over the world so that they can invest here without facing any hassles.

When it comes to comparing commercial and residential property, both have some advantages. Obviously, commercial property is mainly to generate income either by constructing a building or by renting out space. Obviously, residential plot Mohali has its own advantages. They are actually used for residential purposes but you cannot do any business through this property. You can rent out the residential property and thus can generate a consistent monthly income. In Mohali, people can easily generate around 10,000 to 12,000 monthly by renting out a 2 room set. In fact, these days it is a trend in Mohali due to rising prices.

Similarly, you can have an option to purchase commercial land Mohali. You have options either to do your own business or to rent out a space to someone else and earn a handsome monthly rent. On the commercial land, you have a wonderful option to earn a huge income by converting it to an industrial shed. You can easily earn Rs 35, 000 to Rs 40,000 or may be more monthly by renting out an industrial shed.

In the current scenario, it is too hard to invest in residential land Mohali due to its sky rocketing prices. Investing in land these days is only for the people who already have a lot of money in their bank accounts. In case if you want to invest in land, make sure to approach a reputed real estate agent only. Only they can provide you land within your budget. Coming back to the topic, it can be said that you can generate good income from both residential and commercial property. You just need to think logically while investing either in commercial or residential property.

Harji Realtors is one of the reputed names in the list of real estate agents and you can consider them in case of purchasing an industrial plot Mohali. They can provide the best deal for you and that too according to your requirements and budget. There are many resources to earn a good amount of monthly income by investing either in industrial plot or in industrial land Mohali. Harji Realtors can provide you the best deal and that too without facing any hassles. So, make your choice and invest in any type of property which suits you the best.


Apartments in Mohali – Grab the deal before it gets too late!

After city beautiful Chandigarh, Mohali is one of the favorable options for the people who are based in Punjab or in other northern states. Nowadays, people are looking for cheap and reliable investment options and apartments in Mohali are a perfect investment option for people. The aspiring and reputed property dealers all over the India are eying Mohali real estate due to its soaring property rates and bright future prospects. There are many ongoing construction projects available which attracts the customer’s attraction incredibly. The main reason behind the increasing demand of flats in Mohali is the establishment of numerous MNCs and other companies in the city.

Both residential and commercial sectors are expanding in Mohali which is responsible for the increasing property rates in Mohali. Mohali is on the path to development as numerous MNCs, IT companies and other manufacturing units are in the bee line to get established in Mohali. These days, you can purchase both flats and built up houses in Mohali. The main advantage of built up houses is that you can choose either from semi furnished, well furnished and unfurnished homes according to your budget and preferences. Already, Mohali is a house for several top class companies like Punjab Tractors Ltd., ICI Paints, Godrej, Dell, Philips, Quark and several others.

The best way to purchase property is by approaching a real estate agent. You can contact Harji Realtors in case you want a villa in Mohali. They are one of the reputed Mohali based realtors and they can provide you complete property related solutions irrespective of all your problems. Also, there is a great rise in the rental properties in Mohali and you can get a consistent income by renting out your property in Mohali. Harji Realtors can also provide you land in Mohali but make sure to tell all your requirements to them so that they can offer you the property according to your budget or requirements.

Mohali comprises of world class amenities along with best education and best medical facilities for the people. So, if someone is in search of booth in Mohali, they can contact Harji Realtors to get a fair deal.


Choose from the suitable flats in Mohali by hiring real estate agents

Mohali is a favorable destination of people these days due to its bright future prospects. A number of companies are coming to this city and a lot more are in the bee line to get established here. In such an astounding scenario, it is better to buy flats in Mohali but make sure to act now before it gets too late. There are numerous advantages of purchasing a flat in such a futuristic city. The young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs are dreaming to get established in Mohali due to its favorable climate and environmental conditions. Purchasing apartments in Mohali is far better than staying or living in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. It is least polluted as compared to all these cities.

According to crime rate scenario, Mohali is one of the safest places to live in. In both crime and population, Mohali has gained an advantage over other polluted or populated cities. The establishment of Fashion Technology Park and IT City is one of the great achievements for Mohali city. It is already a house for many IT firms, manufacturing houses and several MNCs. The people can also buy built up houses in Mohali but it is always suggested to purchase built up houses by consulting a property dealer.

The real estate agents play a vital role when it comes to buying or selling of property. A good and experienced real estate agent is one who can provide comprehensive detail about the properties in the area. A reputed and experienced real estate agent can also provide you villa in Mohali. You just need to tell all your requirements to the agent if you want to get your kind of property at your preferred location.

There is a great demand for both ready to move in or land in Mohali. It is always suggested to the people to take reference from your friends, colleagues or anyone who have good experience with reputed property dealers. Harji Realtors is one of the reputed names in the list of real estate agents. Purchasing a booth in Mohali is a perfect idea for the people who are planning to start own business in Mohali. So, stay in contact with a good estate agent in order to acquire a fair deal.

Some smart tips for investing in apartments in Mohali

Due to shortage of land, most people have switched to investing in flats or apartments in Mohali. Obviously, it is easy and even inexpensive to purchase as compared to land. There are several ongoing construction projects which promise the people to provide world class facilities. It is true that thousands of people are running after investing in property due to rising rates in India. Even NRIs are investing in such apartments or flats in Mohali. Before making any decision, it is essential to consider some indispensable tips to attain good results.

Lending option

It is completely a misconception of people that banks do not lend on flats or apartments. Gone are those days as numerous reputed banks offer loans to such projects these days. However, it is essential to choose a reputed developer so that the bank can easily lend you the required money.

Check the surroundings

It is also important to check the surroundings of valley where you are going to buy flats. You can get a clear insight about the living environment after visiting once or twice. You can also check the amenities provided by your builder as well. You can also opt for buying villa in Mohali but for this you need to contact the real estate agent. They have thorough knowledge about all the available projects or villas available in a certain area.

How many days left to move in?

It is one of the important questions which should be asked to the developer or builder. In case of buying built up houses in Mohali, you can move in instantly. On the other hand if the construction of houses is undergoing, make sure to ask the right or accurate time to move in.

Therefore, in the current scenario, it is very hard to purchase a land in Mohali due to least availability and expensive price tags. Apart from all, having a flat is also wonderful as there is no need to do any type of construction. Different kinds of facilities and amenities are provided already by the builders or developers. So, if someone is searching for booth in Mohali as well, Harji Realtors deal in this arena apart from villa, flats, land, industrial and commercial property.