How to go ‘green’ by remodeling properties in eco-friendly way

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Most of the homebuyers opt for buying a property closer to the city, or near to their workplace or important hubs of activity, as an attempt to reduce conveyance costs for the entire family. Over the years, there has been a great demand for properties in both, rural and urban areas, which are termed as ‘green real estate’ and that come with environment-friendly features, including existing residential homes, condos, apartments, and vacation homes. These ‘green’ features actually mean those energy efficient features which help to save natural resources. Some of the ways to go green would be anything like installing energy efficient appliances and fixtures inside or outside a home, such as using compact fluorescent lighting bulbs, or installing solar-powered water heaters, or going for low-flowing water faucets, and showerheads, and installing power discharge protectors to conserve energy.

•    Installing low flowing showerheads and water faucets – A great addition to any home renovation project is to install low flowing showerheads and water faucets. Using these energy efficient features would help to reduce water consumption to a great extent. With reduced gallons per minute, these bathroom fittings can still provide the required water pressure. Many of these energy efficient fixtures are available in wide range of designs and styles to fit well with the requirements and preferences of homeowners.

•    Improved panels to ensure proper insulation of doors and windows – Most of the old residential and commercial properties might not have proper insulation around the doors and windows. In all those homes, where there is a single windowpane, one should consider having a frame on both, interior and exterior sides. People on high budget can go for double-pane doors and windows that have thin layer of silver lining that allows natural light to pass through without transferring the heat. The best way to seal old doors and windows is to install re-hanging doors. Installing door sweeps could be beneficial to keep the warmth inside and prevent cold waves from entering through the doors.

•    Painting rooms with low or non-VOC paints – Both residential and commercial properties could be made greener by using non-toxic paints, chemicals, and finishes. VOCs, abbreviated form of Volatile Organic Compounds, are usually used in manufacturing various household products such as paints, finishes and lacquers. These chemical compounds are very much toxic and cause several health problems. Non-toxic, low VOC or non-VOC paints are available in different shades and one can even get them from various hardware stores and through online stores as well.

•    Installing carpets and floorings made of natural fibers – Installing carpets and floorings could be a part of the home remodeling project. However, individuals should make sure whether they are buying a carpet or flooring made out of natural fibers or at least, they should unroll the carpets outside to ensure that chemicals have dissipated. It will help them to protect the air quality. To avoid chemicals in floorings, one should opt for eco-friendly options, such as bamboo flooring, pressured cork flooring, or go for linoleum alternatives.

Irrespective of whether one has bigger budget or very little budget, they can still reduce their energy consumption and thereby save huge on their monthly energy bills. Investing in green real estate is very rewarding and it could be the most cost effective way to save both, resources and reserves every month.

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Things to know when buying a home for the first time

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Perhaps individuals have decided to make one of the biggest investments of their lifetime, which is buying their first home. They would definitely be experiencing mixed emotions, as they might be excited about owning a home, but at the same time they would be anxious. They might have some queries in their minds, such as: Can I afford the home of my dreams? Do I possess the required fund for making the down payment? Is it possible to get a home inspection done before making an offer? These are just a few of the queries that might be hovering through their minds. Nevertheless, rest assured that you are not alone in this kind of situation. As per the realtors, the first-time home buyers account to a large section of those buying any type of property. The entire home buying process could be enthralling, but only if one is fully prepared, their initial investment can make a good experience. Here are certain things that need to be considered before going for a home purchase.

Checking the condition of house – Truly, owning a house could be one of the biggest concerns for first-time buyers. Moreover, a home that requires major restoration and repairs could become an expensive venture. Unless, the asking price is negotiated properly to balance the hidden costs involved, chances are that home is not worth as much as the owner of the property is asking for. In order to avoid such unexpected surprises, a trustworthy realty agent would always suggest hiring a home surveyor to inspect the home, before making the offer. This way, one would be sure of what they are investing in.

Bidding the right offer – One should not feel the pressure for making a proposal on the first house that they view. It is a common mistake made by most of the first-time buyers. It would be necessary to compare different homes to get an idea of the marketplace. However, one should not take too long to make a proposal. The longer one waits, the greater is the probability that other interested buyers place lucrative offers, thereby making it difficult for them to negotiate the best deal.

Acquiring a mortgage – Most of the first-time home buyers might have anxiety of being rejected for a home loan. Thus, it would be best to consider for pre-approval of mortgage prior to looking for a home. This way, not only the buyers can feel more confident, it will also provide an advantage if there are several offers for a particular home. As the mortgage is already approved, then it would be of great benefit, as buyers can be assured of shortening the buying process, and there would be less probability that they have to back out of the sale.

Closing expenses – Many of the first-time buyers often tend to forget to consider the closing expenses while making a bid on a home. Closing expenditure amounting to around one-tenth of the asking price should be fine. Taking into account the down payment amount, one should have adequate funds before they make the final deal. Smart buyers would always take this into consideration before making a proposal. With the guidance of a professional, they can even evaluate such costs.

To sum it all, one should make sure that they are comfortable when signing the deal, and they understand every aspect of the transaction. Hiring a reliable property agent could be quite helpful in making well-informed decisions, so that the first-time investment becomes a rewarding experience.

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Easy steps to become successful in realty investing

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There could be certain objectives and aspirations when it comes to taking the right investment decision. However, according to experts in the realty business, there are certain guidelines that every aspiring realty investor should be familiar with. Some of these tips can help them achieve the best returns on their investment and hopefully become the most successful investor in the marketplace.

•    Comparing real estate values and rental fees – Monetary statistics would only provide a rough estimate. The best way to evaluate the current property value is to compare the selling price of properties nearby. The process could be the same when it comes to comparing rental fees. A low pried property can often be justified through a reasonable rental fee, as the renters who can afford to pay a high rental fee can afford to lease or buy it instead. Thus, it becomes extremely essential to compare the current market value before investing in real estate.

•    Paying attention to changes in tax laws – One should not base their tax investments on current tax laws. As the tax codes keep on changing, it would be beneficial to look for the right property that comes at the right price.

•    Specializing in the area of expertise – It would be best to start from a market segment about which one knows the best. Whether the focus is on foreclosures, or fixer-uppers, prebuilt homes, condos, or small apartments, one would surely benefit more from their experience by specializing in a specific segment of realty market.

•    Knowing the operating costs – It is very essential to know about operating costs and fiscal reports inside out, or what the mortgage payments, vacancy rates and taxes would be, or how cash flow statements are prepared. These are the key aspects that should be taken into consideration before making a high yielding investment.

•    Evaluating tax situations – To make a profitable investment, one should take into consideration the taxes that they need to pay. It could be the most decisive factor in determining whether the investment would provide a positive cash flow or not. By knowing about the tax situation, one can verify whether it could be manipulated to their benefit. It could be a wise choice to consult a tax advisor.

•    Scrutinizing utility costs – It is important to enquire about the utility costs, especially if these costs are included in the rental fees.

•    Investigating indemnity coverage – If the owner’s indemnity is based on lower than the present value, then the investor’s indemnity coverage would increase if they pay a higher asking price.

•    Consulting a chartered accountant – Taxation is a key aspect of making a successful realty investment. One should make sure to seek assistance of a professional chartered accountant having knowledge about continuously changing tax code.

•    Inspecting the property before signing the deal – One should make sure to always perform a thorough inspection before leasing or buying a property. It could be quite risky to own or lease a property without having an inspection done at the site. In any case, hiring a professional property examiner to scrutinize the structural condition of the property would help to make sound investment.

Following these simple steps would help real estate investors to reach their goals and generate adequate returns for the amount of effort, time and money put in.

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How to find the most suitable land for building a home

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For most people buying a piece of plot to build a home could be their lifelong dream. Buying a land for sale could be made easy, if one has adequate funds. Though, they need to take into account some major things when they are looking for the most suitable property to build their home. Here are some ways on how to find the perfect piece of plot on sale. To make the right investment decision, one should make a list of the queries when they go for a visit to the plot where they want to build their home. This list of queries could include things, like:

•    What amenities are offered by the land?

•    What major developments are taking place in the vicinity?

•    Does the plot offer easy access to essential facilities?

•    Who owns the neighboring area around the plot?

Apart from these queries, there are certain aspects that a buyer should keep in mind, some of which are mentioned below:

Finding a good location – Location is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to selecting a piece of plot. To make it simpler, one should prepare a list of the facilities they want their preferred land to be located in proximity to. This could include all the basic facilities, such as being close to supermarkets, hospitals, schools, offices, and entertainment zones. Some people might be looking for a plot located near to transportation facilities, such railway station or airport.

Another good way of finding a suitable plot for sale is to search through the most preferred neighborhood where one wants to reside. They can take a map to point those areas where they would like to buy a piece of land. This would surely help them to narrow down their options.

Comparing the amenities – Each of the plots surveyed could offer certain amenities, though the most preferred ones could include things, such as 24 hours power backup, good drainage system, and adequate supply of water and so on. Many of the developments could even offer landscaped pathways, street lighting, and easy access to public utility services. Amenities such as these would make it easier to get started with the building process right away, as the owner of the property would not have to worry about such amenities.

Examining the barriers – One of the most essential things to consider is to check if there is any building restriction that could come with the land on sale. This could vary greatly depending on the type, size, and location of the plot, and based on property laws of the state or country one is living in.

In many countries, there are land registry services that allow property investors and buyers to make their search on all the desirable plots of land in a particular location. One can find these agencies by searching online. Many of these real estate companies would be having their own websites, providing a detailed list of all the best plots on sale, along with client details. The renowned companies would have already vetted out the land to ensure that it is legitimate for building construction. Most often, individuals can find a plot that comes with good infrastructure facilities and a host of modern amenities.

There could be several ways to locate a suitable plot or vacant land. One of the simplest and most convenient ways is to seek assistance of a reliable realtor or realty agency that is engaged in the business of buying and selling plots on sale.

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Tips to build a home offering best resale value

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All those, who are planning to build a home for resale purpose, it becomes essential for them to make sure that it suits, not only their own requirements but also that of prospective buyers. Many a times, people build homes without giving a thought as what potential buyers might acknowledge and value in an abode. Building and designing a house without taking into account the resale value of the property could be a very big mistake, and it can even depreciate the value of the home when owners want to sell it. Thus, when building a home it is crucial to design it in compliance to other homes in the locality. The basic requirement is to furnish it with apposite building supplies and consider an enticing landscape for the exterior.

Nevertheless, it is very essential to design a floor plan that matches up with other homes in the vicinity, in terms of size, pattern, and color schemes. One should never try to build the biggest home in the area, as the value of the property would be decided by the price and size of other homes located nearby. Hence, it would be better to design a home that coincides in size and pattern with others in the neighborhood.

Another important aspect is to design a home with appropriate and harmonizing color schemes. One should abstain from using bright colors when all the other houses in their neighborhood feature earthy tones. It would be a good choice to select appropriate building supplies to furnish the interior. For instance, when building a home in a colonial style neighborhood, one should opt for furnishing it with latest flooring materials, or using upgraded closets and wardrobes, and considering contrasting color schemes to satiate the needs and wants of future buyers.

When building an abode in a developing neighborhood, one should opt for furnishing it with low-priced building materials, so as not to override their budget, and ensure maximum profits on home sale. By overspending on a property located in a developing area, it would be very difficult to regain the extra expenses incurred on installing upgraded building materials, when it comes to fixing its resale price in near future.

Although many of the homes are build to perfection, but often they lack proper landscaping and craftsmanship required to entice prospective home buyers. Proper landscaping is vital to ensure a good resale value. Homes with enticing landscaping can be expected to be sold off quickly and at higher price, as compared to those with inappropriate landscaping. Good landscaping would give the home a unique look and represent the sense of style of the owners. When planning the budget, one should include extra expenses of landscaping, which would add value not only to their home, but also to the neighborhood.

Most home owners might have already witnessed how an inharmoniously designed home could become an eyesore for others. It is no surprise that such type of property would take longer to sell and perhaps at much lower price, as compared to others in the locality. Moreover, it could become an unfavorable asset for its owners, and probably damaging for the neighbors. Unappealing homes would also degrade the value of neighborhood and make them less desirable to reside in.

When building a home, it is essential to design it according to archetypal homes in the locality, and furnishing it with apposite building supplies, and considering alluring landscaping, thereby being assured of maximizing returns on investment in future.

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Tips to make profitable realty investment

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Investing in real estate is considered as one of the most valuable possessions that can generate great profits in future. Perhaps, it is the easiest way of earning huge profits from an existing property, especially when one is engaged in property dealing and rental investments. Considering the brisk-paced lifestyle, there is hardly enough time for people to think and make a sound decision. To become a successful investor in real estate industry, one needs to have proper knowledge, skills, intelligence, practice and strategies that can help them to make a swift and sensible decision. According to experts, it is now the best time to make realty investments, and waiting for tomorrow is never a great idea. All those engaged in sales or rental of properties, perhaps the best way to make the right move is to look for good realtors. This way, not only their realty investments would fetch good returns, but they can make a stable career in this industry. Here are some guidelines to help them find good realtors or real estate agents.

•    Listing property with a reputed realtor – In this realty business, one should follow the same procedure when securing a deal, whether it is their first, second or tenth venture. Listing a property with a trustworthy real estate agent is surely a good way to find potential buyers for the property. It is always best to list down the family members, friends and relatives, clients, and even business associates, as they could be the potential buyers or possible links to find other investors. It could help to come up with a significant number of prospective buyers in the list. As a property investor, one should not find it difficult as they might be associated with several other real estate professionals.

•    Offering unique offers to entice potential buyers – Once the listing has been done, it is time to get into the crucial conversation. This is the time, when one needs to inform the potential investors and buyers about what they are trying to offer. The best way to impress the investors is to offer unique offers and unusual proposals and convincing them that the deal is going to be profitable for both the parties. Nothing could be better than using catchy words and phrases to catch the attention of buyers and investors and arousing their interest to know more about the deal.

•    Preparing a second stage list – The initial list would allow property owners or investors to find good prospects for their deal. However, if they are not sure whether these contacts would be able to fund their deal, then it is better to start with a second list. The next list should be prepared by looking into deeper thoughts. It would be best to prepare the list into different categories, such as professionals, business organizations and so on. One should organize the list and add it to the initial one to prepare a master list of prospective investors.

•    Closing the deal – Property investors should make sure that they are working with reputed realtors for securing the best deal. A reliable and professional agent would ensure that the deal works out as it was planned.

The initial property investment deal could be the most difficult, but once it is done, the next deals would become much easier. Hiring a qualified and experienced realty agent would help to find new investors, as the existing investors could offer referral of prospective buyers for their own benefit.

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Tips to secure highest bid when selling a home

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All those planning to sell their property for various reasons, they need to make sure that they have done some homework beforehand, as any mistake could cost them huge amount of money. Most often, the owners make the same blunders time and over again. To avoid making such mistakes it takes little effort and time on their part. By taking some time for their home sale and following certain guidelines, they could possibly earn huge returns when selling their property.

•    Avoiding quick sales – Most often, owners might be lured into going for quick sales. Knowing about the right tactics to sell a property without being a target for low-price bidders really pays off. One should gather all the information about the current market before listing their home and they should work with a good real estate agent. They should make sure that they are not selling their property to the first proposal that comes at their doorstep.

•    Home improvements to attract buyers – The home could be one of the most precious assets. Therefore, one should not overlook the faults and aesthetic improvements that might be required. Otherwise, it could result in degrading the value of the property and limiting its possibility of being sold. Hiring the right agent would help owners to make a well informed decision and price their home at the most reasonable market value.

•    Offering unlimited home viewing – Most of the visitors and buyers would want to view a property at their own comfortable time schedule. However, the owner might not always be at home when the buyers pay a visit for home viewing. In such case, the owner may leave a key or lockbox with the agent, so that the home can be shown to prospective buyers when he is not around. One never knows if the visitor who got away was the potential buyer.

•    Abstaining from taking decisions through emotions- One should not let a few hundred dollars to ruin their home sale. This earning could mean very small in the long term. It is always better to look at the bigger picture and react sensibly. The aim should be to make a sound judgment.

•    Disclosing any flaws in the property – Property laws require that sellers should list any flaws in their property, if they intend to sell it. If the owner is unaware of these flaws or if they try to hide them, then they actually risk losing the sale and even having to face a lawsuit. Thus, it is important for the seller of property to seek professional assistance from a reliable agent who can introduce them to qualified and experienced home assessors to ensure a smooth sale of their home.

•    Selecting the right realtor – Home owners should make sure that they select an agent who has strong track record and offers a practicable advertising plan. Most of the top agents know that by marketing a property in the best possible manner, they can generate many prospect buyers. As selling a home is one of the most crucial decisions one would ever make, thus it should be based on sound business judgment to ensure the returns build up.

Truly, being informed as much as possible would help individuals to make the most important decision regarding their home sale. By aligning with a trustworthy agent one can ensure that all the important issues and seemingly less significant yet very crucial details are managed professionally. The more informed one is the better chance they have of making the right decision.

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