Manufactured homes: at affordable price

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‘Manufactured home’ is a very common word used by real estate personals nowadays, however most of us are unaware of the meaning of this term. In past times, manufactured homes used to carry the meaning of low standard, temporary, ill fitted homes used by poor people or the nomads. This traditional misconception has been blown away by the sturdy, fashionable and highly secured manufactured homes being offered nowadays.

Manufactured homes are not the houses which we usually see setting up in a site. These look like traditional houses, but these are not established on the site. Plywood is used to create the overall structure and the roof of the house and the concrete slabs are placed afterwards. The insulation is done along with the electrical fittings and plumbing work. One can customize the finishing work, like choice of color, carpet design, according to his/her desire.

The time required to set up this kind of house is very less with respect to that of a site construction. The prime construction work is done in the factory and the work to join all this is done where the home has to be set. ‘Single-wide’ manufactured homes are shipped without dislocating them where as ‘Double-wide’ manufactured homes are shipped in parts and finally joined on the site to form a complete house. Mostly these homes are placed on concrete foundation.

Manufactured homes at affordable price:

If your job tenure is coming to an end or the rent of the apartment in which you are presently staying is getting hiked significantly every year, then it is high time for you to shift to a manufactured home. It is more preferable to shift to your own house, rather than paying the huge rent amount every month. Manufactured homes offer the opportunity to own a house at an affordable rate, which is even lesser than the total payable rent.

These houses are made within a short span of time, which reduces the labor cost effectively. In general, cost of ‘Double-wide’ manufactured homes slightly differs from the ‘Single-wide’ manufactured homes, if bought from any dealer. One can reduce this cost significantly if he/she buys it from an existing manufactured home owner. If you are not satisfied with the color or carpet designs, then you may have to pay a little to remodel it.

Design of manufactured homes:

Modern manufactured homes are truly safe, sturdy and fashionable. With the introduction of high-end features, like decorative shelves on wall top, vaulted ceiling, laminated flooring or even light kitchen or cabinet fixtures, the manufactured homes have become more attractive than ever before. You can even customize a laundry room, reading room and many more. There is an option to ventilate the master bedroom with designed Bay Windows or sliding door, connecting dining room and deck. Even you can fit French door between family room and kitchen. Likewise, you can bring an appealing look to your home at an affordable price.

The color, texture and style of the material used, appropriately fits the beauty of the manufactured homes, thus making you happy for making this wise decision. However, as a word of caution, before stepping in you should check whether all the features are working properly or not.

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