Tips to design the floor plan of a house

modular home

When you are going to build a new home, rather than buying an already built house; there are plenty of factors on which you need to apply your brain and make the correct decision. Building a new home is far more difficult than just buying one. It should be properly planned in order to optimize the usage of its space. An experienced professional can guide you, but the design should be according to your desire. Customizing the setting of the rooms and floor should maximize the utilization of the space for adjusting the furniture, goods, as well as all your necessities.

If you have decided to plan the floor design yourself, then you will come to know it is much more complicated than it seems. Here are a few tips which can stand beside you, while you work on the challenging project of floor planning.

How to maximize the space of the house

Your first job will be to list down the necessary requirements accordingly. You have to make a design, keeping the total area of the house in mind. Let us take an example; if you are passionate about food, then you should keep your kitchen area bigger where you can accommodate all the modern cooking amenities. If you usually lead a lifestyle where there is a small gathering every alternative day, then you should think about a bigger common space and a big dining room. If you can chalk out the blue print of the home, then it will become much easier for you. The following things should be considered –

•    Requirement of a guest room

•    A necessity to set up a public bathroom

•    Spacious kitchen

•    Spacious dinning place or gathering place

•    Number of bedrooms and adjacent bathroom

•    If balcony is necessary or not

Entrance and exit route

Another important aspect of any house is its entrance. If the main entrance is just beside the kitchen or bathroom, then it can seem a bit awkward. If you have to roam around the house to get to the bathroom in the morning, it is nothing other than too much irritation. Thus, you have to plan the house in such a manner, so that it does not look awkward. Accessibility to other facilities should be logically established. Besides that, you need to keep the house spacious and provisioned for further introduction of amenities.

Research on floor planning and approving by professionals

You may get the idea about floor plan from books, internet, magazines or any other sources. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that you are not a professional or experienced person in this field. There might not be any fault, but unfortunately if there is any then it might affect your design. So, it is advisable to make a deep research on the floor planning and get it approved by the experienced persons.

However, the tips are very preliminary. If you need to establish a functional, as well as logically designed house, then you can get the ideas by visiting some well designed houses or by simply appointing a home designer or architect to approve your design.

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