Innovative concepts to build a dream home

green home

It is everyone’s dream to build a home which they can call their own. However, to build a dream home, one should make sure they create an environment that makes every room inside the building comfortable and unique and each having its own character. Even though it is a thrilling experience, it can get little stressful and perplexing as the homeowners need to make several crucial decisions, even with the assistance of architects and building constructors.

The first step in the building process starts on the drawing board which translates into real construction. Prior to jumping into the construction stage, it is essential to make a proper home plan. There could be different innovative concepts running into the mind that undoubtedly helps to build that dream home.

Unique concepts to build a new abode:

The very first thing to consider, apart from budget of construction, is that every room should be unique and each should be as comfy as possible. One should consider what they want and desire in a home, creating a layout that works best for them, and working closely with their building contractor to ensure that they are building their dream home.

Building concepts:

There are fundamentally two major types of homes that are structured: Modular homes or prefabricated homes and stick built homes. Prefabricated or modular homes are usually built within a factory in fragments and then transported to the construction site. Stick built homes, on the other hand are built on the construction site. Modular homes or prefabs have become the newest concepts in home designing. These homes are easy to build and highly durable.

Home owners need to determine the type of building materials that would be required to construct their home. There could be different types of materials that can be utilized by home builders, such as green building supplies, cob homes and much more, which are all natural and environment friendly.

Green concepts:

Nowadays, most of the home builders specialize in building green homes. Many of these homes come equipped with eco-friendly features, such as geothermal heating systems, solar panels, low flowing showerheads and faucets to minimize water consumption. There are several other unique concepts that a green home constructor can offer all through the process of building.

Design concepts:

When building a home, one of the most important things to consider is what type of home it should be. For instance, if individuals are looking for spacious living, then they might want to build a living room and formal dining hall. If they want a casual relaxed ambience, then they can have a family room or home gym. If they are into some leisure pursuits, then they go for a hobby room. They might even consider having a guest room to accommodate their guests.

Some individuals would also like to have plenty of natural lighting sources. If they want to make their rooms airy and comfortable, then they might have to think about placing doors and windows that offer the best views of the surrounding scenery and the property itself.

As a home is not just an investment, but a reflection of one’s personality, thus creating the most perfect abode should be fun and exciting.

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Building ‘green’ homes – the best way to ensure safe and healthy living

green home

In the present scenario, green real estate has become the latest trend in realty industry. Green building is the process of installing those building supplies that help to minimize the maintenance cost, and make the home more energy efficient. Speaking of energy efficiency, conservation is the major approach of green building. Green real estate is considered to be safer, healthier, more comfortable, and less expensive to operate. Installing solar panels is a great idea for those who are looking to build their own ‘green homes’.

In many countries, solar panels are installed to provide natural heating and cooling solutions in all weather conditions. With energy costs constantly increasing, it becomes essential to think about a complete overhaul in the building orientation, such as considering for using roof overhangs, or making window adjustments, using reflective barriers, and employing other techniques that help to control solar energy. During the summer season, it would be best to install solar screens and overhangs to protect the home from direct sunlight. It would best to avoid having greenhouses and skylights, as sunlight can penetrate easily and thus resulting in excessive heat gain.

During the winter months, solar heaters could be installed to capture the heat and keep the warmth of the rooms intact during the evening. By considering an open flooring plan, home owners can optimize the effect of solar heating or cooling. Proper placement of doors and windows would allow cross ventilation and entrap the prevailing breeze. It would be best to consider adjustable window panes to ensure constant air flow throughout the house. A thermal chimney with vents would be helpful to evacuate hot air currents out of the building. Double glass panes offer an insulating air space that traps direct sunlight between the panes, thereby minimizing heat transfer.

During the summer season, the roof spaces can accumulate heat and transfer it to the living areas beneath. Air-conditioning ducts positioned in the attic spaces will absorb more heat. In the winter months, moisture would accumulate in unventilated areas, thus resulting in mold formation and wood rot. Light colored roofing materials absorb less heat. Moreover, roof ridge vents would ensure a continuous air flow through the roof spaces. Using reflective barriers would further help to keep the rooms cool. Attics and exterior walls should be highly insulated to ensure a soothing temperature inside in all weather conditions.

Oversized air-conditioning systems would consume more electricity and will cool the rooms too quickly. Installing small units would not provide the desired temperature, and perhaps unable to ensure soothing humidity levels. A smaller unit would actually cost less and last longer. It would best to install an air-conditioning system that comes with programmable thermostats to help control energy consumption.

When building a green house, one should ensure complete protection of natural flora and fauna around the area during the construction. Native trees, foliage and natural drainage could be a part of the landscape and home design. One should try to minimize the impact of the construction as much as possible.

Building green homes is an approach to design and construct homes based on conserving natural resources. Green real estate is all about building a cost effective, comfortable and sustainable abode to live in.

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