Saving our planet by going for green real estate

green home

In the last few years, people have realized the importance of protecting our mother earth. Global warming, pollution and their adverse effects have made it necessary for us to rethink about each and every thing we use on everyday basis. One simple way, which people from all over the world are adopting to save our planet, is Going Green. This does not mean only going for green products, instead it focuses on the conserving resources, reducing waste and maintaining our environment.

With growing awareness about going green, many people are actually working hard to make their homes greener. As per the researches, by going for Eco friendly products you can reduce the energy usage of your house by almost fifty percent. Going green in house does not mean that you have to completely remodel your house; in fact this can be done by bringing a few changes or modifying the decor of your existing home.

These days’ markets are flooded with various types of Eco friendly products, which can increase the overall look of your house, and the best part is that these are quite affordable as well. You can paint your homes with Eco points, which are devoid of chemical and do not cause any problem. You can improve the appeal of the interiors of your home by opting for flooring made up of bamboo, wood or recycled rubber. In fact, you can also use carpets and rugs made up of recycled materials. These recycled products have become the latest trend these days. This will not only help you go green, but will give a trendier look to your home as well.

For curtains, bed sheets or other home furnishing items you can go for organic cotton and linen. Available in various types and designs, these not only flaunt your style but also show your environment friendly side. In green homes you can also have electric appliances with energy star ratings. This is an ideal way, not only to have a greener and healthier environment, but to also reduce your electricity bill to a great extent.

Apart from all these, a few changes in the basic construction of your home can also help you achieve your goal of a green home. Make sure there is proper ventilation in the home. Using air vents or exhaust fans is highly recommended, as it prevents pollutants from permeating your home. Also, proper insulation can help you decrease you cooling or heating bills to a great extent. Using solar panels for generating electricity or for heating water is a great way of reducing the electricity bills and saving our environment.

To go for the green lifestyle it is important that you should be prepared for making some changes in your current lifestyle. For this you have to do some small things, like to switch off lights and fans when not in use, have a kitchen garden, turning the taps off etc. These all together will not only increase the resource’s efficiency but will also protect our environment in a great way.

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Innovative concepts to build a dream home

green home

It is everyone’s dream to build a home which they can call their own. However, to build a dream home, one should make sure they create an environment that makes every room inside the building comfortable and unique and each having its own character. Even though it is a thrilling experience, it can get little stressful and perplexing as the homeowners need to make several crucial decisions, even with the assistance of architects and building constructors.

The first step in the building process starts on the drawing board which translates into real construction. Prior to jumping into the construction stage, it is essential to make a proper home plan. There could be different innovative concepts running into the mind that undoubtedly helps to build that dream home.

Unique concepts to build a new abode:

The very first thing to consider, apart from budget of construction, is that every room should be unique and each should be as comfy as possible. One should consider what they want and desire in a home, creating a layout that works best for them, and working closely with their building contractor to ensure that they are building their dream home.

Building concepts:

There are fundamentally two major types of homes that are structured: Modular homes or prefabricated homes and stick built homes. Prefabricated or modular homes are usually built within a factory in fragments and then transported to the construction site. Stick built homes, on the other hand are built on the construction site. Modular homes or prefabs have become the newest concepts in home designing. These homes are easy to build and highly durable.

Home owners need to determine the type of building materials that would be required to construct their home. There could be different types of materials that can be utilized by home builders, such as green building supplies, cob homes and much more, which are all natural and environment friendly.

Green concepts:

Nowadays, most of the home builders specialize in building green homes. Many of these homes come equipped with eco-friendly features, such as geothermal heating systems, solar panels, low flowing showerheads and faucets to minimize water consumption. There are several other unique concepts that a green home constructor can offer all through the process of building.

Design concepts:

When building a home, one of the most important things to consider is what type of home it should be. For instance, if individuals are looking for spacious living, then they might want to build a living room and formal dining hall. If they want a casual relaxed ambience, then they can have a family room or home gym. If they are into some leisure pursuits, then they go for a hobby room. They might even consider having a guest room to accommodate their guests.

Some individuals would also like to have plenty of natural lighting sources. If they want to make their rooms airy and comfortable, then they might have to think about placing doors and windows that offer the best views of the surrounding scenery and the property itself.

As a home is not just an investment, but a reflection of one’s personality, thus creating the most perfect abode should be fun and exciting.

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How Green homes can be beneficial for buyers?

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The latest trends in real estate market are beginning to signify that consumers are turning towards energy efficient homes, with the aim to reduce increasing energy bills. The number of people who support green movement is growing immensely. As many would think, it is no longer a small group of consumers, but now it is the mainstream buyers, who are demanding such features.

Building a green home includes features, such as using non-toxic VOC free paints and finishes, building wooden floorings from plantation grown varieties, installing star-rated energy efficient heating and cooling systems, using recyclable and locally obtained construction materials, collecting rain water for landscaping and toilets, installing panels that function as both sunshades and solar generators. These are just a few of the ways to promote the green movement. The trend of building green homes has reached a new level in the recent years. Most of these features are not only helpful to maintain a healthy and safe environment, but even in substantially controlling the increasing energy bills and reducing the building costs.

With escalating prices of building materials, there has been a significant rise in real estate prices too, due to the increasing demand in the realty market, all over the world. By incorporating green building methods, such as using recyclable and renewable resources, building costs can be possibly lowered to ensure that home prices remain within the reach of buyers.

For all the real estate professionals, it is their ethical responsibility to encourage the practice of building and marketing Green real estate. There are several websites that provide buyers with the ability to look for homes that have acquired green certifications and which include specific features that make them eco-friendly.

To promote green homes on a larger scale, everyone from the realty industry has to work together. Appraisers can take note of the benefits of going green, based on the lifespan of the home or building, and the savings in monthly energy bills and maintenance costs. If every financer starts considering energy and maintenance costs as the monthly expenditures of home ownership, along with principle, interest, taxes and insurance, then it would help buyers to invest in properties depending on their monthly savings.

Home buyers would then get the privilege to curb money on building and maintenance costs of their homes, in addition to the benefits, such as healthy environment and comfort. These benefits would imply much more to the buyers, than explaining the actual compositions of green home.

Real estate professionals need to educate not only the buyers, but also the Realtors and realty developers about the benefits of building green homes. Once building contractors are informed and they know about the benefits of building green homes and its effect on their bottom-line, then they will be more inclined to build and promote sustainable homes. Many builders have already realized that the cost of building such homes is at par with building traditional, non-sustainable homes.

Investing in Green real estate would be highly beneficial for first time buyers and those families with lower income as it involves minimal monthly costs. Besides this, as buyers are interested in lowering their monthly expenditures, living in a green home would further help in minimizing the costs of owning a home. All these benefits result in escalating productivity and reducing overhead costs, thus increasing the bottom-line.

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The best aspects of investing in Green Real estate


Today, people are becoming more conscious regarding keeping their surroundings clean and green. For this reason, they look for the best ways to focus more on these aspects. With the latest trend of eco-friendly properties becoming popular, now people prefer to invest in green real estate. It is because there are many benefits associated with this investment, such as –

• Adds value to your home – Certainly, when a home is green, it would help in saving energy to a large extent. The demand for houses with solar panels and water saving toilets are more, as compared to traditional houses.

• Saves your water bills – Another important aspect is that it will save your water bills, especially when you use energy star rating appliances. These appliances will save ample water and you do not need to pay hefty monthly water bills. The toilets of Green homes are low flush toilets that use less water and are efficient as well.

• Saves energy bills – The green homes are equipped with energy saving green units that save electricity and water. They consume less energy and also help you in enjoying deductions and refunds from the government. By installing solar panels, a homeowner can be assured that whenever he sells his property, he will get better returns and profits.

• Durability – As compared to traditional homes, green houses tend to last longer and for this reason, people like to invest in green real estate. Moreover, green homes do not require paints and other temporary wall textures, as they are durable in their natural way.

Today, people are investing more in green real estate due to its amazing aspects, like insulation, environmental integration and so on. Green real estate also helps in environmental integration by making use of such material that is environment friendly. While constructing these kinds of houses, builders make sure that the material used is free from toxins and other harmful chemicals. Due to this reason, many investors get attracted to invest in green real estate and thus they make huge investments. Regardless of what type of property you own, if it is green, then definitely it is a lucrative option from the investor’s point of view.

Going green does not mean that you have to purchase a new green home that is equipped with energy saving amenities and so forth. You can also turn your traditional home green, by following few measures, such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact CFLs, make your attic and walls insulated, purchase biodegradable pots for your garden, shop for greener appliances having energy stars, and so on. You can easily buy eco-friendly products from market and without sacrificing your personal luxury or comfort you can make your house green.

If you are planning to buy a home, which is eco friendly, then it is important to attain services of a professional real estate agent or company who could help you in getting a green home, according to your requirements and budget.

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