Finding the suitable house for you

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While looking for a house, everyone has certain specifications in their mind. These mainly include some features or amenities, which might not inevitably stand the test of time, but undoubtedly these are important to help you find your dream home.

While looking for a house, it is important that you should consider the type of house which will be the most suitable for you and your family. Generally, three categories are available. The first is a multi family house, as the name suggests it is for a number of families or a joint family. However if you are a nuclear family, then you can go for a single home. The third option, which is known as condominiums, is more like a single family home, but you will be sharing the staircase, roofs etc., with the neighbors.

Apart from that, your financial condition is also a very significant factor while looking for a house. Obviously, condominiums are a more affordable choice as compared to single home or multifamily home. While looking for a home, the next important factor is the location of the house. You need to understand one thing that buying a home is a very important decision and it is imperative that you take the right decision regarding the place where you and your family will be spending a long time of your life. Whether you like urban, rural or suburban lifestyle, it totally depends on you, and based on that you should do your search. However, make sure that whichever option you choose, you can live comfortably there. This means your personal choice and preference is also an important factor while seeking a home for you. As per your preference you also have to consider what type of amenities and facilities you are looking for. Also while looking for a house, make sure you consider your future needs as well. For example, is there any chance of family to extend in coming years, because then it would be quite difficult for you to look for another home to suit the requirements of the family at that time.

Apart from all these, make sure you check for the status of the neighborhood. Neighbors have a great impact, especially on children, thus it is important to make sure that your neighbors are friendly and cultured people. Also, try to find out more about the area, security system, surrounding areas etc. Choosing the right neighborhood is important, as you would not like to stay in a place, where there is no security or an area where you are surrounded with unfriendly people.

Buying a house is actually a daunting process. It is also a step towards stability and independence, as it is laid on the foundation of your dreams. You have to be completely sure that you are taking the right decision. Keeping a few simple tips mentioned above in mind can help you choose the best. Last, but not the least, plan everything in advance and research well; these two things will never let you down when looking for an ideal home for you and your family.

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Manufactured homes: at affordable price

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‘Manufactured home’ is a very common word used by real estate personals nowadays, however most of us are unaware of the meaning of this term. In past times, manufactured homes used to carry the meaning of low standard, temporary, ill fitted homes used by poor people or the nomads. This traditional misconception has been blown away by the sturdy, fashionable and highly secured manufactured homes being offered nowadays.

Manufactured homes are not the houses which we usually see setting up in a site. These look like traditional houses, but these are not established on the site. Plywood is used to create the overall structure and the roof of the house and the concrete slabs are placed afterwards. The insulation is done along with the electrical fittings and plumbing work. One can customize the finishing work, like choice of color, carpet design, according to his/her desire.

The time required to set up this kind of house is very less with respect to that of a site construction. The prime construction work is done in the factory and the work to join all this is done where the home has to be set. ‘Single-wide’ manufactured homes are shipped without dislocating them where as ‘Double-wide’ manufactured homes are shipped in parts and finally joined on the site to form a complete house. Mostly these homes are placed on concrete foundation.

Manufactured homes at affordable price:

If your job tenure is coming to an end or the rent of the apartment in which you are presently staying is getting hiked significantly every year, then it is high time for you to shift to a manufactured home. It is more preferable to shift to your own house, rather than paying the huge rent amount every month. Manufactured homes offer the opportunity to own a house at an affordable rate, which is even lesser than the total payable rent.

These houses are made within a short span of time, which reduces the labor cost effectively. In general, cost of ‘Double-wide’ manufactured homes slightly differs from the ‘Single-wide’ manufactured homes, if bought from any dealer. One can reduce this cost significantly if he/she buys it from an existing manufactured home owner. If you are not satisfied with the color or carpet designs, then you may have to pay a little to remodel it.

Design of manufactured homes:

Modern manufactured homes are truly safe, sturdy and fashionable. With the introduction of high-end features, like decorative shelves on wall top, vaulted ceiling, laminated flooring or even light kitchen or cabinet fixtures, the manufactured homes have become more attractive than ever before. You can even customize a laundry room, reading room and many more. There is an option to ventilate the master bedroom with designed Bay Windows or sliding door, connecting dining room and deck. Even you can fit French door between family room and kitchen. Likewise, you can bring an appealing look to your home at an affordable price.

The color, texture and style of the material used, appropriately fits the beauty of the manufactured homes, thus making you happy for making this wise decision. However, as a word of caution, before stepping in you should check whether all the features are working properly or not.

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Tips to design the floor plan of a house

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When you are going to build a new home, rather than buying an already built house; there are plenty of factors on which you need to apply your brain and make the correct decision. Building a new home is far more difficult than just buying one. It should be properly planned in order to optimize the usage of its space. An experienced professional can guide you, but the design should be according to your desire. Customizing the setting of the rooms and floor should maximize the utilization of the space for adjusting the furniture, goods, as well as all your necessities.

If you have decided to plan the floor design yourself, then you will come to know it is much more complicated than it seems. Here are a few tips which can stand beside you, while you work on the challenging project of floor planning.

How to maximize the space of the house

Your first job will be to list down the necessary requirements accordingly. You have to make a design, keeping the total area of the house in mind. Let us take an example; if you are passionate about food, then you should keep your kitchen area bigger where you can accommodate all the modern cooking amenities. If you usually lead a lifestyle where there is a small gathering every alternative day, then you should think about a bigger common space and a big dining room. If you can chalk out the blue print of the home, then it will become much easier for you. The following things should be considered –

•    Requirement of a guest room

•    A necessity to set up a public bathroom

•    Spacious kitchen

•    Spacious dinning place or gathering place

•    Number of bedrooms and adjacent bathroom

•    If balcony is necessary or not

Entrance and exit route

Another important aspect of any house is its entrance. If the main entrance is just beside the kitchen or bathroom, then it can seem a bit awkward. If you have to roam around the house to get to the bathroom in the morning, it is nothing other than too much irritation. Thus, you have to plan the house in such a manner, so that it does not look awkward. Accessibility to other facilities should be logically established. Besides that, you need to keep the house spacious and provisioned for further introduction of amenities.

Research on floor planning and approving by professionals

You may get the idea about floor plan from books, internet, magazines or any other sources. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that you are not a professional or experienced person in this field. There might not be any fault, but unfortunately if there is any then it might affect your design. So, it is advisable to make a deep research on the floor planning and get it approved by the experienced persons.

However, the tips are very preliminary. If you need to establish a functional, as well as logically designed house, then you can get the ideas by visiting some well designed houses or by simply appointing a home designer or architect to approve your design.

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What makes a better choice – building or buying a house?

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On the contrary, building a new home, if built in the right way, would require little or no maintenance at all for at least a decade. All those who would not want spend huge amount on repairs and remodeling, building a new home would be the best way to go. As majority of the home builders offer at least one year warranty on their newly built home, it should cover additional expenses, if any issue ever arises. This should cover everything, right from the building supplies to the new appliances that have been installed. Another great benefit of building a home is that individuals can get what they want. They can go for custom-designed homes. A new community that is being structured by the builders would allow the home buyer to make their choice right from the layouts, to the color scheme and the style of fixtures. A custom-built home would not only help the owner to choose the style of their home, but also ensure that it is built to desired standards and using high quality building materials. The home will be more efficient and help the owner to save more money on its maintenance.

Building a home can be a thrilling experience, as the owner would be able to monitor every step of the construction process. A good realtor can help to make the building process more enjoyable and less stressful while delivering quality service.

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Guidelines to secure profitable deal on a short sale proposal

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In today’s world, making investments in real estate has become a profitable business. With the growth of industrialization and increase in population, the need for bigger and better residential and commercial properties has grown significantly. The real estate industry has grown to become one of the biggest hubs for investors.

In addition, real estate investors are always looking for properties to make a profitable investment. Most of them buy these properties as valuable assets to secure their future. However, to ensure that investment into real estate offers great returns, one should have a good knowledge of the realty market. The best way to secure higher profits on realty investment is to look for the right opportunity for its resale. Here are some guidelines that investors should follow before they make a short sale offer:

•    A common mistake that both novice and seasoned investors make is that they wait to check if the lenders would accept a short sale offer or not. When paying a visit to the short sale department for the first time, one should place order for the bundle right away, as any delay can cost them losing a great sale opportunity.

•    Every short sale professional knows that one should provide the lender with detailed information in their short sale package. The more information they provide, the quicker the lender would be able to provide them an answer. The projected net sheet offered by the investor would be one of the initial things that lender would pay attention to in the package. They would start looking for recognizable Red flags.

•    Once Investors have received their short sale parcel, they need to fill it up and return back to the lender as soon as they possibly can. They need to remember that they are working on a taut timeline, and the sooner they get the package in the lender’s hand, the sooner they can start reviewing their offer. As the lender starts reviewing the package, it is time to begin with the negotiating process, the way to earn the real money.

•    Investors might have difficulty in making contact with their lender through phone. They should make sure to acquire the following information:

•    Loss mitigation expert’s direct extension number

•    Fax numbers (if one requires sending a cover sheet)

•    Email address (more preferably their personal email address as backup)

•    Mailing address (if sending  ‘Thank You’ notes or any other important documents)

If the voicemails are not answered, then one can still be ready to maintain a communication with ease, and boost their chances of finding the right opportune.

•    When making a short sale offer, as a thumb rule, one should go for 50 percent of the written amount on their first mortgage and 10 percent on the second. If one is lucky enough, then they can even secure a discount on their third mortgage. Even if the offers are too low, the investors should have no reason to worry about as the banks would suggest raising the offer.

Nothing could be worse than being excited about securing a huge discount that never occurs. The better one is equipped to manage simultaneous transactions, the sooner they will start carving their slice of the big profits that they made on short sales.

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Building ‘green’ homes – the best way to ensure safe and healthy living

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In the present scenario, green real estate has become the latest trend in realty industry. Green building is the process of installing those building supplies that help to minimize the maintenance cost, and make the home more energy efficient. Speaking of energy efficiency, conservation is the major approach of green building. Green real estate is considered to be safer, healthier, more comfortable, and less expensive to operate. Installing solar panels is a great idea for those who are looking to build their own ‘green homes’.

In many countries, solar panels are installed to provide natural heating and cooling solutions in all weather conditions. With energy costs constantly increasing, it becomes essential to think about a complete overhaul in the building orientation, such as considering for using roof overhangs, or making window adjustments, using reflective barriers, and employing other techniques that help to control solar energy. During the summer season, it would be best to install solar screens and overhangs to protect the home from direct sunlight. It would best to avoid having greenhouses and skylights, as sunlight can penetrate easily and thus resulting in excessive heat gain.

During the winter months, solar heaters could be installed to capture the heat and keep the warmth of the rooms intact during the evening. By considering an open flooring plan, home owners can optimize the effect of solar heating or cooling. Proper placement of doors and windows would allow cross ventilation and entrap the prevailing breeze. It would be best to consider adjustable window panes to ensure constant air flow throughout the house. A thermal chimney with vents would be helpful to evacuate hot air currents out of the building. Double glass panes offer an insulating air space that traps direct sunlight between the panes, thereby minimizing heat transfer.

During the summer season, the roof spaces can accumulate heat and transfer it to the living areas beneath. Air-conditioning ducts positioned in the attic spaces will absorb more heat. In the winter months, moisture would accumulate in unventilated areas, thus resulting in mold formation and wood rot. Light colored roofing materials absorb less heat. Moreover, roof ridge vents would ensure a continuous air flow through the roof spaces. Using reflective barriers would further help to keep the rooms cool. Attics and exterior walls should be highly insulated to ensure a soothing temperature inside in all weather conditions.

Oversized air-conditioning systems would consume more electricity and will cool the rooms too quickly. Installing small units would not provide the desired temperature, and perhaps unable to ensure soothing humidity levels. A smaller unit would actually cost less and last longer. It would best to install an air-conditioning system that comes with programmable thermostats to help control energy consumption.

When building a green house, one should ensure complete protection of natural flora and fauna around the area during the construction. Native trees, foliage and natural drainage could be a part of the landscape and home design. One should try to minimize the impact of the construction as much as possible.

Building green homes is an approach to design and construct homes based on conserving natural resources. Green real estate is all about building a cost effective, comfortable and sustainable abode to live in.

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Tips to secure highest bid when selling a home

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All those planning to sell their property for various reasons, they need to make sure that they have done some homework beforehand, as any mistake could cost them huge amount of money. Most often, the owners make the same blunders time and over again. To avoid making such mistakes it takes little effort and time on their part. By taking some time for their home sale and following certain guidelines, they could possibly earn huge returns when selling their property.

•    Avoiding quick sales – Most often, owners might be lured into going for quick sales. Knowing about the right tactics to sell a property without being a target for low-price bidders really pays off. One should gather all the information about the current market before listing their home and they should work with a good real estate agent. They should make sure that they are not selling their property to the first proposal that comes at their doorstep.

•    Home improvements to attract buyers – The home could be one of the most precious assets. Therefore, one should not overlook the faults and aesthetic improvements that might be required. Otherwise, it could result in degrading the value of the property and limiting its possibility of being sold. Hiring the right agent would help owners to make a well informed decision and price their home at the most reasonable market value.

•    Offering unlimited home viewing – Most of the visitors and buyers would want to view a property at their own comfortable time schedule. However, the owner might not always be at home when the buyers pay a visit for home viewing. In such case, the owner may leave a key or lockbox with the agent, so that the home can be shown to prospective buyers when he is not around. One never knows if the visitor who got away was the potential buyer.

•    Abstaining from taking decisions through emotions- One should not let a few hundred dollars to ruin their home sale. This earning could mean very small in the long term. It is always better to look at the bigger picture and react sensibly. The aim should be to make a sound judgment.

•    Disclosing any flaws in the property – Property laws require that sellers should list any flaws in their property, if they intend to sell it. If the owner is unaware of these flaws or if they try to hide them, then they actually risk losing the sale and even having to face a lawsuit. Thus, it is important for the seller of property to seek professional assistance from a reliable agent who can introduce them to qualified and experienced home assessors to ensure a smooth sale of their home.

•    Selecting the right realtor – Home owners should make sure that they select an agent who has strong track record and offers a practicable advertising plan. Most of the top agents know that by marketing a property in the best possible manner, they can generate many prospect buyers. As selling a home is one of the most crucial decisions one would ever make, thus it should be based on sound business judgment to ensure the returns build up.

Truly, being informed as much as possible would help individuals to make the most important decision regarding their home sale. By aligning with a trustworthy agent one can ensure that all the important issues and seemingly less significant yet very crucial details are managed professionally. The more informed one is the better chance they have of making the right decision.

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